10 April 2018 European-Ukrainian Energy Agency has arranged the round table discussion for major market players to present social survey concerning the changes of RES market and discuss all points of view of this policy changes. 

Later on 19 April 2018 the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety held a roundtable on the concept of further development of national legislation in the field of renewable energy incentives to implement competitive pricing mechanisms for electricity from RES.

Committee proposed updated concept of amendments to legislation on renewable energy incentives, followed by the preparation of the text version of the bill.

Characteristics of the quota (area period, the possibility of increase / decrease within the period) – national and special quota year, unchanged within the period. That proposal was submitted by the public to add a regional principle for the formation of quotas, and they were taken into account. Added to the new concept of “special quota”.

As for the item auction for a specific RES / technological neutrality, remained unchanged: Specific RES within the quota. Separately, the sun and the wind.

The maximum size of the green tariff incentive under the current legislation.

The winner is determined only by the criterion of price.

Responsibility for imbalance standard, since the advent of liquid internally daily market – one year after the commencement of the internally daily  market. Remained unchanged in the new concept.

Power from which auctions are required. Were the old concept of “Sun – 5 MW, Wind – 10 MW,” a new concept changed: Sun – 10 MW, Wind – 20 MW.

Term support projects 15 years from the date of commissioning – remained unchanged.

The body responsible for conducting auctions – Guaranteed buyer.

Guarantees to investors who started to develop projects and they can not be completed by the entry into force of changes to support schemes – Signature Pre-PPA until 07/01/2019 year to ensure that the facility is to be built for the duration prePPa will fare under the current wording of the Law at the time of signing the Pre-PPA.

Reduction of FiT: sun -30% from 01/01/2020, wind – 10% from 01/01/2020 (compared with the previous concept one more year was given with unchanged FiT).

Conditions admission to the competition – bank guarantee (the estimated annual planned RES electricity supply facility multiply second to first offer price multiplied by 20%) (unchanged)

Ensuring the project after winning the competition – bank guarantee which was given for admission to the competition. Extending the warranty to 1 year if at five times its enlarged. (unchanged)

Form support – first rate, and the contract for difference is fixed in the PPA, PPA signed by the previous 3 years.

Date of implementation auctions – 01/07/2019.

An interesting condition: Ability to generate 5 MW and 10 to participate in the auctions – Yes (those that are 10 and 20) may go up for auction and get PPA for 15 years.

Also the updated concept includes the following options: single rate on combined sun and wind for households. Increased allowances for equipment of Ukrainian production by 15% with> 50% after commissioning. Ensuring annual quota by dividing the required power in 2035 the number of years by 2035.