The Moldovan side is considering ways to stimulate the domestic market of electric vehicles and the possibility of creating a corridor for a developed network of charging stations “Ukraine-Moldova-EU”More

Ministry of Energy proposes to introduce a new class of solar power plants – installations up to 150 kW on roofs of high-rise buildings. More

The Parliament passed in the second reading and in general the Draft Law №  8015 dated 8th February 2018 on increasing the investment attractiveness of the construction of renewable energy facilities in Ukraine. http://w1.c1.rada.gov.ua/pls/zweb2/webproc4_1?pf3511=63446

Ukraine and Norway are negotiating for renewable energy investments, which can range from 300 to 400 million euros. This was announced by Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin on the results of a meeting with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Ina Soryad. More

The DiXi Group experts analyzed all draft laws and changes proposed by the parliamentarians on new proposed renewable energy support system.  The analytical report  describes the positive aspects of the drafts, identifies the potential risks and contains suggestions on how to reduce them.

In accordance with the Draft Law No. 8015, the construction of wind power plants is classified as objects with a small class of consequences (CC1), subject to the positive conclusion of the authorized body for the assessment of environmental impact. Therefore, for the construction of wind power plants classified in the CC1 class of consequences, it will not be necessary to obtain a permit for construction works, to undergo a compulsory examination of construction projects and to receive a certificate confirming the commissioning of the facility, as is currently required for the ‘ objects of class of consequences CC2, which usually include wind power plants. More

Starting from December 1, the European requirements for insulation of facades will be implemented in Ukraine. On August 30, new DBNs V.2.6-33: 2018 “Construction of exterior walls with facade insulation was published. Requirements for designing “, which, in particular, include the introduction of European requirements for the energy modernization of facades was published. More

The Ukrainian delegation took part in the “IRENA Innovation Week 2018”, representing Ukraine as an official member of IRENA. This time IRENA gathered top officials, businessmen and experts from nearly 160 countries that discussed the following green energy trends: digitalisation, decentralization, electrification, blockchain etc. More

Finland and Ukraine have established a joint fund to develop renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The Finnish Government has allocated 6 million euros for the Foundation’s work for 5 years. The Foundation will help both municipalities and developers to develop feasibility studies for energy efficiency and clean energy projects. The Fund’s coordinator in Ukraine is SAEE. More

The world’s largest offshore windfarm has opened off the Cumbrian coast. Walney Extension WPP covers 145 sq km of the Irish Sea and has a capacity of 659 MW, enough energy to power 590,000 homes. More