What are your benefits?

– Your company products and technology will become part of the online data base of the best available sustainable energy technologies, widely promoted by dedicated UKEEP team ( Ukraine Energy Efficiency Programme (“UKEEP”) finances large (up to USD 10 million) energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and the complementary Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (“UKEEP2”) finances smaller (up to USD 2.5 million) projects); UKEEP has already received widely publicity by presenting the facility at more than 90 different events and been featured on more than 25 television news reports (available on www.ukeep.org). Up to now 50 projects have received technical assistance and financing (USD 107 million loans, USD 300 million total investments).

– Your company will be able to offer clients not only technological solution equipment, but a set of financial instruments to finance the project by the loan from one of the partner banks (EBRD operates the loans under UKEEP programme through intermediary banks);
– Your clients will benefit from “fast track” financing availability ones fulfilling the credit criteria (since the Eligible Materials and Equipment in the data base will be evaluated for financing in an “automatic” way).

What is needed?

– Appoint a relevant person within the company to provide the technical information on products for the online data base by filling in the Questionnaire (section A) attached;
– Spare 30 minutes of your time (or relevant Senior Manager) to fill in the Section B of the Questionnaire. Your answers will help us to define an appropriate strategy for developing sustainable energy efficiency and renewable energy market.

For more information see the files below. Please, note that the deadline for providing the information is October 12th.