newsEducational institutions should become an example of application energy efficient technologies. It was emphasized today during session of the Cabinet of Ukraine by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

«Losses of heat should be reduced to a minimum. It is necessary to warm buildings, establish modern systems thermoregulation of facilities maintained within day with different intensity, – Mykola Azarov noted. – We should modernize consistently boiler-houses which, especially in a countryside, already now it is possible to translate on alternative, more economic, than gas, energy sources».

The Prime Minister stressed that in this year more than 3 thousand school boilers have been repaired. And boiler-houses are translated on heating with biofuel only in 20 vocational technical schools.

«It is a drop in the sea. On the other hand it is the beginning, an example where we should move», – Mykola Azarov noted, having resulted some examples of introduction of the advanced methods of energy conservation. In particular, in Kiev at school 18, heating and hot water are delivered by absolutely ecological thermal pump. In Paraskoviivka boarding school of Artemivsk district of Donetsk region solar batteries are established. In 6 districts of Chernigiv region educational establishment are completely send to heating with peat. Two schools use boilers of new type in area Zvenygorodka district of Cherkasy region.

«Such movement to alternative heat-power supply is necessary to support and order. We should encourage investors who use modern energy efficient technologies, to use the means received for sale of quotas on Kyoto Protocol», – the Prime Minister said.

The Head of the Government charged to the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports together with the Ministry of Regional Development, the Agency of ecological investments, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry to develop and from next year to start to introduce stage by stage the program gas substitution for boiler of educational institutions. It is entrusted to Ministry of Finance to provide target financing of such actions of energy conservation and modernizations in the budget of next year.

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