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Members of National Commission of the State Regulator of Energy Sector elected a new chairman of the commission – Oksana Krivenko and approved the distribution of functions between the Chairman and the members.

In May, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a number of strategic documents aimed at facilitating business and facilitating entrepreneurial activity. Among them, in particular: 

  • Concept of reformation of the Institute of Self-Regulation in Ukraine with the purpose of delegating certain functions of regulation of economic and professional activity to self-regulatory organizations (branch associations).

  • The concept of reforming the system of state financial control until 2020 involves cooperation between the bodies of the State Service and the Accounting Chamber

  • The plan of measures to implement the Strategy for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Ukraine for the period up to 2020 with the aim of simplifying entrepreneurial activity in the fields of energy, infrastructure, etc., regarding the procedure for registration and closure of the enterprise, improvement of the licensing and permitting system, etc.

  • The procedure for organizing the electronic information interaction of state electronic information resources, which should be implemented within two months and before December 12, should be reported to the Cabinet of Ministers on implementation.

Antimonopoly Committee has organized work to create conditions for fair competition in alternative energy sources in the production of heat energy, as well as the settlement of the legal relationship between the owners of heat networks and producers of thermal energy, and consumers.

The Energy Strategy by 2035 will finally come to the operation due to the approvement of a detailed Action Plan for the next two years, which also includes monetization of subsidies.

The long-awaited Laws of Ukraine were signed by the President: “On the Currency”, which cancels a license to conduct business transactions in foreign currency and Law “On the Establishment of an Anti-Corruption Court”.

Not less important for business development for the sustainability is the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine, that cities will be able to issue their own bonds and place them on the stock exchange. Green municipal bond system is a great practical financial instrument to attract investments to ecology sustainable and energy efficient projects.

In Kyiv, the data of electricity networks finally is opened, which is necessary for making investment decisions. 

Since March, the rules of transparent sale of small and large state-owned enterprises and companies with a significant share of state capital have come into force. Thus, the regulatory framework was completely formed, which is necessary for launching a program in Ukraine of small and large privatization. Under the small objects privatization means assets which value does not exceed UAH 250 million, as well as these are the only property complexes of state-owned enterprises and shares of economic entities, more than 50% of which belong to the state. According to the Law “On Privatization of State and Communal Property”, which entered into force in March, small privatization would take place through the electronic system of ProZorro Sales. List of objects for large privatization, among which there are objects in the field of energy. More…

Absolutely loud for RES market participants are the registered in the Parliament Draft Laws aimed at making changes to the existing system of stimulating the market of RES. An analyse and comparative table of draft laws has been prepared by Imepower – member of the EUEA  following the link. Members of EUEA are preparing consolidate position concerning this issue.