newsAs the Energy Community High Level Reflection Group’s report “An Energy Community for the Future” was published today bringing to fruition the Group’s nine months long work on necessary reform, the Group’s Chairman Jerzy Buzek stated: “In today’s geopolitical situation we realize better than ever before how important for prosperity and stability in entire Europe is secure, competitive and sustainable energy supply. The Energy Community is a key instrument of international energy policy and its efficient functioning is essential for achieving the goal“. The Report of the High Level Reflection Group contains proposed solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the Energy Community, including the gap between political commitment and real implementation of the acquis communautaire, lack of investment in infrastructure and partial effectiveness of the institutional setup.

It was a privilege for me to chair the Group with top experts from all relevant disciplines and from across the Energy Community’s territory. I am confident that our report offers correct responses to the main challenges. Responses which are ambitious but absolutely realistic and feasible in an evolutionary, not revolutionary way. I encourage the Energy Community Ministerial Council to carefully examine our recommendations and prepare a roadmap for their adoption as soon as possible” – concluded Buzek. 

Besides expressing his recognition for the Group’s relentless efforts, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Janez Kopač promised the Secretariat’s continued support in the next steps of the reforming process. “Now that the Energy Community is featured in the European Energy Security Strategy, presented by the EU Energy Commissioner two weeks ago, there is an additional push and a perfect momentum to upgrade the institution. We would not be able to use this momentum without reshaping the Treaty and readjusting it in line with the challenges awaiting” – explained Kopač. 

Full article with the key points of the Report are available HERE.

The Report is available HERE.