newsOn October 23, 2013 EUEA member, Energy Industry Research Center held a round table discussion on “Financing the modernization of infrastructure utilities. What is the real way to Ukraine?” where invited experts had the opportunity to express their predictions and suggestions about the situation today.

Thus, a member of Board of European- Ukrainian Energy Agency Olena Rybak said that very often the use of new technologies, even just installing more efficient boilers for CHP in various Ukrainian cities immediately showed significant fuel and funds savings, however the loss of water and heat in pipes still remains enormous. “Private investors will not come here – there are simply no conditions neither in terms of law, nor transparency of the energy market or the protection of investments” – says the expert.

On the contrary, Oleksander Kharchenko from Energy Industry Research Center refers specifically to the citizens, saying “Residential buildings that seem to belong to Ukrainians, people who live in them, all of us, and we have to worry about their technical condition. But it does not happen, since Ukrainians do not feel the right of ownership.”

For full article follow the LINK (in Russian).

Report of the Energy Research Centre is available HERE (in Ukrainian).