Adopted the draft law “On Amendments to the Code of Ukrainian Bankruptcy Procedures and Procedures (urgent and unquestioning) related to the wholesale supply of electric energy)” (No. 2390).

The draft law creates preconditions for debt repayment on the electricity market: introduces a moratorium on bankruptcy proceedings of a wholesale electricity supplier for the period of debt repayment formed in the energy market.

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The draft law “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Concerning Ensuring the Settlement of Debts for Consumed Energy Supplies of Heat Supply and Heat Generating Organizations, Enterprises of Centralized Water Supply and Sewerage” dated 20.05.2020 № 3508 was registered.

The purpose of the draft law is to update the mechanism for settling accounts payable (restructuring, writing off fines/penalties) for heat, water supply, and sewerage companies for energy, which will ensure their sustainable operation and consumers receive timely and quality utilities.

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Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal declares that the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine will be divided into two relevant ministries.

“The separation of the ministry and the creation of the post of profile minister of ecology is on the agenda,” Shmygal said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine. The PM emphasized that the preliminary unification of the ministries did not give the effect that the authorities expected.

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At the meeting on May 20, it adopted two resolutions on the list of measures necessary to stabilize the situation in the energy sector, approved by the Anti-Crisis Energy Staff.

The Government partially changed the Regulations on imposing PSO on the electricity market, as well as the Procedure for conducting electronic auctions for the sale of electricity under bilateral agreements: reduced the mandatory share of electricity sales to Energoatom under the PSO mechanism and brought the company to the bilateral market agreements; price restrictions on the sale of electricity by the State Enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer” were lifted and the company was granted the right to sell electricity under bilateral agreements.

At the same time, the Energy Community stated that the decision-making process was illegal and called on the Ministry of Energy to reconsider the resolution adopted by the Cabinet and propose a draft resolution with amendments approved by the Secretariat and USAID (on the transition to financial PSO). Letter of EC Secretariat.

Ministry of Energy

About anti-crisis measures in the column of the acting Minister of Energy Olga Buslavets on the website of the Interfax Ukraine news agency.

Anti-crisis measures of the Government and the Ministry of Energy in the energy sector are already yielding results and helping to stabilize the situation in the industry. Lunch bills will soon be passed that will improve the financial situation of energy companies.

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Acting Minister of Energy Olga Buslavets held a video conference with the Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Janez Kopač and exchanged views with him on issues of current cooperation and ways to stabilize the situation in the energy sector.

The Minister thanked Janez Kopač for the recommendations and remarks sent by the Energy Community to the resolution by which the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine partially changed the Procedure for conducting electronic auctions for the sale of electricity under bilateral agreements.

Today, given the difficult situation on the energy market of Ukraine, the transition to the financial model of PSO, unfortunately, requires additional time and will take place gradually. That is why we have proposed a temporary solution, which will be valid until the introduction of the financial mechanism of the PSO” Olga Buslavets explained.

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Informs about the balancing of the power system on May 18-24, 2020

During May 18-24, the weakening of quarantine measures in the power system has not yet led to a significant increase in electricity consumption. During the last week, the daily volume of unsold electricity to the final consumer averaged about 40 million kWh. and were sold in the balancing market. Dispatch teams were not given to restrict wind and solar farms.

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Ukrenergo informs that the public discussions of the draft “Transmission System Development Plan for 2021-2030”, which were to take place on May 27, 2020, have been postponed to June 3.

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Guaranteed Buyer

Provided information on payments under the “green” tariff

As of May 22, 2020, more than UAH 5.7 billion was paid in favor of renewable generation. At the same time, electricity was paid 100% in January and February. The company paid in part for the “green” tariff for March and April. The total debt of NEC Ukrenergo currently amounts to UAH 13.3 billion.

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Published data on its trading activities in April 2020

In April 2020, the state enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer” acquired 4,702 thousand. MWh of electricity. Compared to March, the total amount of purchased electricity decreased by 32%. Compared to March, the amount of electricity purchased for special duties decreased by 44%.

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The Council of the EU approved the proposal of the European Commission to provide Ukraine with EUR 1.2 billion of macro-financial assistance to overcome the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. The relevant decision was made on Wednesday by written procedure at a meeting of the EU Council. After that, Kyiv and Brussels are expected to start negotiations on a future memorandum, which should set out the conditions for the allocation of the second tranche. Then the memorandum must be ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, after which Ukraine will receive the first tranche of EUR600 million, which is unconditional. The condition for receiving macro-financial assistance is mandatory cooperation with the IMF.

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