newsOn 26-27 June European Council held a meeting discussing energy security. 

In light of current challenges, Europe’s energy and climate policies for the upcoming five years must focus on:

• affordable energy for companies and citizens: by moderating energy demand thanks to enhanced energy efficiency; by completing our integrated energy market; by finding ways to increase the Union’s bargaining power; by increasing transparency on the gas market; by stimulating research, development and the industrial European base in the energy field;

• secure energy for all our countries: by speeding up the diversification of energy supply and routes, including through renewable, safe and sustainable and other indigenous energy sources, as a means to reduce energy dependency, notably on a single source or supplier; by developing the necessary infrastructure such as interconnections; by providing private and public actors with the right planning framework so they can take mid- to long-term investment decisions;

• green energy: by continuing to lead the fight against global warming ahead of the United Nations COP 2015 meeting in Paris and beyond, including by setting ambitious 2030 targets that are fully in line with the agreed EU objective for 2050.

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