✅ On 7 June, 2022, ENTSO-E decided to address positively the gradual expansion of Ukrainian electricity exports to Europe.

Today, Ukraine’s power system operates in a trial emergency synchronisation mode. It means there are no export-import transactions conducted with European counterparties. Opening of electricity exports to Europe will be an opportunity for Ukraine to generate additional income and revenues to the national budget. At the same time, electricity supplies from Ukraine will significantly strengthen energy security in the Central and Eastern European regions. These countries could also cover some share of their electricity consumption and reduce dependence on the Russian federation.

✔️ Yesterday, June 8, 2022, at a press briefing, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Chairman of the Board of «NPC «Ukrenergo» noted that operators of renewable energy power plants will be able to export their electricity to the European energy market if Ukrainian legislation allows it. 

«Nobody can forbid them, for this they must leave the balancing market of the SE «Guaranteed Buyer». RES electricity is not a guaranteed schedule, which has its own pricing features, but to put it simply, the price in European markets is much higher than the “green tariff” for most power plants. Therefore, it can be expected that if new power plants are built there, which are no longer entitled to a «green» tariff, they will actively try to export their electricity. It is possible that some existing operators of renewable power plants will want to work independently. Let’s see. In principle, there are options for them, because everyone will be able to access. There are no restrictions, you need to register on the platform as a participant in the auction and win, ” noted the Chairman of the Board of NPC “Ukrenergo”.

Resource: https://ua.energy/general-news/entso-e-agreed-to-gradually-expand-ukrainian-electricity-exports-to-europe/ 

Press briefing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s5infkm3kA [35:50-37:30]