In addition to the residential sector in Ukraine, large-scale thermo-modernization is needed for the budget sphere. This is at least 70 thousand kindergartens, schools, universities, hospitals and other institutions.

Sergey Savchuk, Head of the State Department of Energy Efficiency, stressed this, opening an IV Energy Efficiency Partnership Forum in Kyiv at Parkovsky Exhibition Center on April 27.

“Due to legislative changes, we have made it possible to insulate budget institutions by ESCO-mechanism, that is, at the expense of private investors. It is about a market volume of 4 to 8 billion euros. There are hundreds of companies in this sector. This, in turn, will contribute to increasing competition and quality of implementation of energy-efficient measures “, – explained S.Savchuk.

Viktor Galasyuk, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, confirmed this thesis: “ESCO is one of the largest investment niches, including for attracting foreign investments. This is precisely about the deep energy modernization of budgetary institutions. “

Energoservice creates demand for energy-efficient equipment, building and heat-insulating materials, electricity, heat, water, etc., as well as services for the implementation of energy saving measures.

Therefore, ESCO is not only a way to increase energy efficiency in the budget sphere, but also a significant boost for business, create dozens of new jobs and revitalize the economy as a whole.*

ESCO Base of Public Buildings