At EaP Platform 3 – Fifth Eastern Partnership Energy Panel, that was held yesterday, was approved and agreed between EaP countries the establishment of the EU-EaP RES Network is Established

Energy Panel gathered representatives of the European Commission and Ministries of Energy from EaP countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine).

Partly Agenda was devoted to the topic of Renewable Energy Sector (RES) development in EaP countries and how crucial role it plays in the global clean energy transition, including its role in diversifying energy sources for the sake of increasing energy security, and on the other hand, the challenges Eastern Partner countries are facing in developing renewable energy sources.

Aiming to explore and identify existing obstacles, to make recommendations and to implement a pilot project in one Eastern Partner country, which would be designed to demonstrate how the application of selected measures could work there was established  regional sub-sectoral EaP network on renewable energy.

Georgia and Lithuania are co-leaders of the network for the upcoming year. The working programme for the year was approved and later will be shared among the countries.  According to IRENA statistics, the varying energy mixes of the individual Eastern Partner countries reveal the different potential of specific renewable energy sources. Certain projects in renewable energy areas with the highest potential have already been developed by the Eastern Partner countries with the support of the EU and other international institutions, including IRENA. Experience shows that working in a more consistent way based on a clear long-term strategy would improve the efficiency, sustainability and the impact of such projects on the citizens.

Oleksandra Gumeniuk, Director of European-Ukrainian Energy Agency was selected to represent the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership at the Fifth Eastern Partnership Energy Panel. There Ms. Gumeniuk expressed the support on behalf of the CSF EaP of the RES Network establishment and proposed to add to the topics, except auctions implementations, power purchase agreements – Good Governance of the RES sector and fulfillment of obligations to investors and RES market players.


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