The RES industry associations European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) and the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA), which unite more than 70 companies operating in the production of electricity from renewable energy sources in Ukraine appealed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and to Chairman of the NEURC respectfully asking to fully ensure compliance with the provisions of the MOU and the Law of Ukraine No. 810-IX implementing it in full without any further delay. The letter was the reaction to the attempt of the NEURC on 31 December 2020 to approve the Resolutions (related to approval of loans for the Transmission System Operator – NEC “Ukrenergo” (TSO) that contained the clause 3 clearly prohibiting the Guaranteed Buyer to use funds attracted by TSO and transferred to the Guaranteed Buyer for repayment of the “old” debt to renewable electricity producers.

As we understand, this clause will be again reviewed by the NEURC on 6 January 2021. If such or similar wording is approved by the NEURC, it will eliminate the only currently available source for repayment of the “old” debt of the Guaranteed Buyer to renewable electricity producers and will be signal complete failure on the side of the Cabinet of Ministers and the NEURC to honor the MOU.

Download the letter: EUEA UWEA Letter to PM 2020 01 04 ENG