EUEA appealed to the Chairman of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities (Regulator) and members of the Regulator regarding the recent decision of the Regulator to approve the draft amendments to the procedure for establishing a “feed-in” tariff. In particular, the proposed draft amendments regarding: extension of some terms, in particular – the term of notification of the applicant about leaving the application for the setting of a “feed-in” tariff without consideration from 15 calendar days up to 15 working days and the term for consideration of the application for the setting of a “feed-in” tariff from 15 calendar days up to 15 working days; and the introduction of a ban on the difference of some technical characteristics of objects in the documents submitted for the conclusion of pre-PPA and the setting of a “feed-in” tariff, in particular – (connected power of the electrical installation, configuration and cadastral number of the land plot). According to EUEA, such changes will only create artificial barriers to obtaining a “feed-in” tariff, and if they are adopted, the Regulator will have a formal reason to refuse to establish a “feed-in” tariff due to a change that the investor cannot influence and is not responsible for.

Read the full text of the appeal at the link: EUEA_NEURC_Request re FIT regulations_201105 Ukr


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