Mykhaylo Chulkov, Director of EuroCape Ukraine, shared his experience during EUEA press briefing on December 24, 2021.

“The company started in Ukraine in 2009 with a large ambitious project of 500 MW, and the right dialogue with the Oleksandrivska united territorial community (UTC) helped to build the first phase of 98 MW Zaporizhzhya WPP, which became a successful project for all.

 If we talk about deadlines, the development process lasted – 6 years, at that time, both legally and technically, it was difficult to design and launch. Since 2015, the company was ready for construction, but received funding only in 2019. It should be noted here that the investment climate in Ukraine at that time was not favorable, and it was almost impossible to raise funds immediately for the construction of 500 MW, therefore, the decision was to build the first line of 98 MW of Zaporizhzhya WPP, which was put into operation in May 2021.

How profitable is it for all parties? 

With proper planning, the process of construction and operation is beneficial to all, because, in addition to paying rent, funds are allocated for social infrastructure and as a result the company becomes a reliable partner for the united territorial community (UTC). An important step was to register the company in this locality, because in this way we increased the revenues of the UTC budget, which further contributed to our activities.

During the construction period, the number of jobs in the region increased, as 700 people worked at the site at the same time, communications with the agrarian have been established, a positive impact has been made on the rental market and the service sector.

During the period of operation – the company has obligations to pay for social infrastructure. EuroCape Ukraine has a “1000 euros per MW” program, after commissioning we have to finance projects for 98 thousand euros. At the moment, we have installed towers, we are signing a contract for the reconstruction of the first-aid post.

It was important for us that we did not just promise to make contributions to social infrastructure after construction, we divided them – part of the period when we received land, a building permit, then UTC felt the benefits of working with international investors.»

EuroCape Ukraine, a member company of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, is an excellent example of fruitful cooperation between an international investor and the local community.

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