newsAccording to Vitaliy Daviy, the President of the Association of Alternative Fuel and Energy Participants of Ukraine (AFEU), within six months of 2011 the production of «green» electric power increased by 15,7% (to 274,343 million kWtt/hour) in comparison with the analogical period of 2010. The enterprises of small hydro energy produced 191,961 million kWtt/hour of electric energy, wind energy – 29,839 million kWtt/hour, bioengy 3,484 million kWtt/hour, sun energy — 3,335 million kWtt/hour.

The solid biofuel market (fuel pellets, pellets from wood and agrarian wastes) shows good rates of growth as well — by 36,4% to 451,6 thousands of tons. And this is despite the fact that in May-June the producers of solid biofuel from wood ran into the crisis because of sharp growth of deficit and cost on raw material. Owing to this almost 80% of such producers stopped to exist in the beginning of August. «Green» fuel in Ukraine for autos: it was produced about 500 tons within 6 month.