newsDuring discussions of the issues of activating the implementation of energy efficiency technologies and projects in production processes through the mechanism of public-private partnership with representatives of the business the Head of State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Mykola Pashkevych said that this is impossible without close cooperation with business. He also noted that the agency has many developments, but they have not gained sufficient publicity. During the discussion the business representatives said that they are ready to commit themselves to improve the technical and economic performance of companies in energy efficiency, but under the condition that the state guarantees them not preference or financial aid, but ensures market for their products, primarily domestic market. Summing up the parties agreed to analyze in detail the possibilities of cooperation in the form of public-private partnership and to hold public discussion of this issue at the International Investment Business Forum on energy efficiency and alternative energy, which will be held from 8 to 11 November in Kyiv.