The Energy Community, EBRD, BSTDB, FMO and PROPARCO have jointly written a letter to Parliament Speaker Dmytro Razumkov over the possible introduction of excise duty on renewable electricity.

According to them, the latest actions of the state do not lead the country to clean energy technologies and synchronization with the European energy system – ENTSO-E.
This excise duty is contained in the Draft Law of Danylo Hetmantsev №5600 (, which today, despite huge criticism at the national level, was still supported by the profile Committee.

Europeans are rightly outraged by the actions of the Government, which after signing a memorandum by RES associations and unfulfilled promises to pay debts (UAH 17.8 billion) is trying to further squeeze investors with the tax burden.

The information was published on the IDA website “Clean Energy – Healthy Environment”.