The  Energy Week Black Sea 2021 brings together government authorities, state companies from Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, and Turkey, as well as IFIs, and foreign private investors to discuss RES policies. During the 2-day conference, participants are discussing reforms implemented by each country to foster or further scale up renewable energy deployment, how individual countries attract investors in global competition, suitable support schemes and policy reversals in some countries, as well as energy security issues. 

Oleksandra Gumeniuk, Director of EUEA,  attended the event as a speaker and showed a presentation on the topic: «Overview of the Renewable Energy Market of Ukraine: Present and Future».

Ms. Gumeniuk focused on the following issues in her speech as statistics of installed RES capacity, its share in the total energy mix of Ukraine, RES Market overview, installed capacity of RES facilities in the Ukrainian regions, Ukrainian RES owners statistic, the current level of payment under Feed-in tariff, and EUEAs projects on energy efficiency.

The main focus was on Ukrainian RES challenges and expectations.

Among challenges was mentioned: 

 ⁃ The level of monthly payments to RES producers on average are 73% in 2021.

 ⁃ Debts accumulation UAH 15 bln for 2020 and approx UAH 10 bln in 2021 to RES producers.

 ⁃ The Electricity market has challenges, we hope that market will be more mature.

As about expectations:

 ⁃ Introduction of auctions, Feed-in Premium, energy storage regulation.

 ⁃ Integration of Ukrainian Energy System with ENSTO-E.

 ⁃ Popularity and realistic implementation of corporate PPAs, net metering.

 ⁃ The mechanism of Guarantees of Origin.

 ⁃ Green Hydrogen perspectives.

Oleksandra’s presentation: EUEA presentation_ Energy Week Black Sea_2021

Oleksandra’s speech: 



In his speech, Mr. Johansen noted that EMERGY is well-positioned in the South-East European market, they have a platform where they expect to have approx 600 MW of wind projects in operation by next year. Also, EMERGY aims to have more than 2 GW in operation by the end of 2025.

Mr. Johansen noted that for EMERGY not only the growth prospects are interesting, but also the element of taxing various productions, for example, a carbon tax that starts to magnifies the power costs.CO2 prices in the EU rose from EUR34/ton in January to EUR45/ton in April 2021 (monthly average). In the presentation were noted that countries with large coal power and carbon-insensitive industries will see significant profit cuts due to carbon border tax (CBAM). 

Also, Mr. Johansen outlined the renewable powerhouse buildings in South-East Europe, especially in Ukraine up to 1 GW (245,7 MW – Syvash Wind Farm and 788 MW – Zophia Wind Farm in Zaporizhia region).

Full speech: