newsNational Commission for State regulation in the Energy Sector (NERC) adjusted the installed capacity of power generating equipment for Akvanova Investment Ltd. to 0.75 MW and 10 MW for Windy Park Krasnodonsky Ltd.

The relevant decisions were taken during the NERC meeting on 18 July 2013.

NERC has also set “green” tariff for electricity generated by Novoshytska hydropower plant (Drogobytsky district, Lviv region), Akvanova Investment Ltd. at UAH 210.46 cop. per kWh. At the same time, Bilche-Zolotetskoyi HPP (Borschiv district, Ternopil region) got the rate of 126.27 cop. per kWh.

The capacity for Windy Park Krasnodonsky Ltd. was revised due to the commissioning of two wind turbines of 2.5 MW capacity each. NERC issued the electricity production license to Windy Park Krasnodonsky Ltd. for a period of 20 years.

Legislative reminder. The tariff for electricity generated by small, mini and micro-hydro in July 2013 set at 126.27 cop. per kWh (excluding VAT). The plant capacity up to 200 kW defined as “micro” with the “green” tariff coefficient of 2; capacity from 200 kW to 1 MW – “mini” with the coefficient of 1.6; from 1 to 10 MW – “small” with the coefficient 1.2 (put into force starting from April 2013).