“No new investments for 2020-2021,” said Olexiy Parkhomchuk, Investment Director of the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU), a member of the EUEA Board.

At a press briefing of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency on December 24, 2021, Mr. Parkhomchuk said: «We have not had any new investments this year or the previous year, and the situation on the RES market is one of the main reasons why this is happening.

There are also no promising projects for next year, due to the fact that the IFU takes into account the indicators sent by Ukraine on the investment climate and how reliable it is possible to work here. The selective approach to the payment of debts to RES producers by SE “Guaranteed Buyer” shows that the situation with RES doesn’t have a positive impact on the investment decision. In this sector we have 5 investments and 10 active investments in other sectors of the Ukrainian economy.»

Mr. Oleksiy also noted that “the issuance of green bonds and repayment of part of the debt in 2020 could be a success story, but still, despite many difficulties, Ukraine is trying to bring the situation on the expected trajectory, but now it looks like another failure in the RES sector.” 

IFU also works with financial institutions and analyzes possible investments for Ukrainian banks. “It is important for us the development of green investments and green financial instruments in the Ukrainian market,” – said expert.

“I am glad that the Working Group on Green Financing has been established within the framework of the EUEA, and we hope that participants in this field will be involved in the development of green financial instruments in Ukraine,” Olexiy Parkhomchuk.