news“US investors have an opportunity to invest $ 1 billion over next fifteen years in attractive projects in electricity and heat generation from biomass in Ukraine” – said EIRCenter CEO Alexander Kharchenko during country’s presentation “Opportunities in renewable energy in Ukraine for American partners” at the POWER GEN 2013 exhibition (Orlando, FL, USA).

As shown in the analysis presented on the event, Ukraine has more than 50 million ton of biomass available for use in energy generation. Implementing new biomass-fired equipment for heat and power generation will lead to increase of energy supply quality and decrease of Russian natural gas consumption down to 50 %.

Projects on replacement of old – sometimes more than 50 years old – gas fired boilers with the new biomass-fired generation equipment show very high economical figures. – said EIRCenter Deputy CEO Vadym Glamazdin during his presentation. – Direct payback period of such projects never exceeds 3 years. They also lead to end user tariff stabilization and power supply quality and availability increase. And if we speak about co-generation projects, then the figures are even better as there’s a special “green” tariff for electricity produced apply. – Mr. Glamazdin stressed.

The Parliament and the Government of Ukraine actively support the development of biomass-fired power and heat generation. It opens a way to energy security of the state. And gives new possibilities for Ukrainian power generating equipment manufacturing development by implementing the newest technologies. We definitely welcome modern technologies and new investors to the renewable energy sector of Ukraione. – Said Andriy Pavelko, Chairman of the subcommittee on power engineering of the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety of Parliament of Ukraine.

There were also several PPP-based projects on heat generation modernization presented for co-investment and co-operation by a local Ukrainian developer Straw Energy Ltd. The modernization program aims about 160 sites in one of the regions of Ukraine.


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