Yesterday, on November 10, at a meeting, the Regulator postponed consideration of the issue of changing Ukrenergo transmission and dispatch tariffs from 12.01.2022 in connection with a request from the Ministry of Energy to recalculate the dispatch tariff.

“In connection with the increase in the involvement of gas-powered units, it is worth revising the dispatch tariff in order to avoid a double tariff burden on generation enterprises. Accordingly, the Ministry of Energy requests to review the proposed tariff and transfer part of the cost to the transmission tariff.”

Previously, the EUEA expertly analyzed and sent its proposals and comments to the NEURC, substantiating that the tariff proposed by the Regulator includes a deficit of funds for payments with generation. Details.

Therefore, in the EUEA’s opinion, the tariff proposed by the Regulator doesn`t cover special duties and doesn`t ensure the balance of work of NPC “Ukrenergo” in front of the Guaranteed Buyer and will lead to an increase in debts to producers of green electricity. At most, the State Budget for 2022 does not provide for the support of the Guaranteed Buyer in the amount of 20%.

We call on the representatives of the NEURC to review and take into account the proposals of the EUEA regarding the formation of the tariff and take into account the real level of costs and the current situation!