Today, during the webinar of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency “Industry consultations: energy sector”, Kateryna Polyakova, director of the EUEA, presented the Association and outlined the dynamics of RES development in Ukraine, the market model, its current situation and future trends in the development of the RES sector in Ukraine.

As of today, about 20% of SPPs and 80% of WPPs are located in the occupied territory, of which 6% and 1%, respectively, of the installed capacities have been destroyed or damaged as a result of russian enemy attacks.

During her presentation, Ms Kateryna noted the latest RES market changes in Ukraine:

  • connection to ENTSO-E and disconnection of the power system from russia and belarus were made;
  • the legislation on cPPA – virtual contracts-for-difference between producers and large industrial consumers has been implemented;
  • the draft law on Guarantees of Origin developed by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine was registered;
  • the development of the internal energy trading market with the possibility of exit and re-entry for RES producers from the balancing group of the Guaranteed Buyer, etc.

Among the opportunities that will contribute to the post-war development of the RES sector in Ukraine, Kateryna pointed out the great potential of wind resources in Ukraine, the installed capacities of which may increase 5 times by 2032; solar power plants as a means of cheap electricity for households, cooperatives and SMEs; modernization of the power grid, increase in electricity exports and implementation of legislative norms necessary for joining the EU.

The EUEA believes that the following market mechanisms will drive the development of the RES sector during the reconstruction of Ukraine:

  • Power export opportunities driven by the expansion of the interconnection with the EU (up to 6 GW by 2032 in accordance with the National Reconstruction Plan).
  • cPPA legislation implementation – long-term direct sale contracts between producers and large industrial consumers.
  • Hydrogen test production launch and further EU hydrogen projects implementation in Ukraine.
  • Energy storage market development (up to 2GW of installed capacity is expected by 2032 in accordance with the National Reconstruction Plan).

Kateryna Polyakova emphasized that the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency provides a platform that unites international and Ukrainian investors and invited Polish business representatives to cooperation.