The first auction in the history of Ukraine for the sale of “green” electricity on the stock exchange was successfully held on the Ukrainian electricity market.

In order to attract the maximum number of participants and meet their needs the «Guaranteed buyer» at the pilot auction offered for sale several products – wit h lots of different sizes at different times of the day. The corresponding trade strategy and uniqueness of the offered product in a complex provided high efficiency:

  • about 30 participants took part in the auction;
  • four of the six items were sold in full;
  • for all products managed to achieve a significant price increase.

During the auction, buyers offered 35-52% more than the starting price for clean electricity. The right to purchase such electricity was granted to all participants who passed the relevant registration on the stock exchange. In total, the company sold almost 32,000 MWh (99.9%) of the exhibited marketable products.

The auction showed a high interest of the market in clean electricity and proved the correctness of the Guaranteed Buyer with electricity from RES to the market of bilateral agreements.

Thanks to the auction, environmentally responsible consumers have gained access to the “green” electricity of the future. It means that the national electricity market continues its path in the chosen European vector of development.


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