The DNTU scientists used Siemens research works as a guide to develop the Smart Grid based training program, while the successfully tested Siemens methodology was applied to create models of wind-powered generators in DNTU laboratories. The commercially available Siemens solar plant was used as a prototype model of the solar power plant.

It should be noted that Siemens Ukraine has been cooperating with Donetsk National Technical University since 1992, regularly handing the necessary laboratory equipment over to the Donetsk higher educational establishment.

Moreover, DNTU – for the first time in Ukraine – developed and realized the concept of technical departments, where special subjects are taught in foreign languages. The most popular among them – German Technical Department – was established in 1992 jointly with the Otto-von-Guericke University (Magdeburg) with Siemens’ support, and is considered to be a sample pilot project of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Relying on potential of the department’s graduates, in 1998, Siemens Ukraine opened Donetsk Engineering Technical Center (ETC), which provides engineering services to Ukrainian and foreign customers. Donetsk University has become a real source of manpower for Siemens Ukraine. Today the company employs 114 graduates from the DNTU. By the way, graduates from the Donetsk University are highly appreciated by the employers both in Ukraine and abroad (DNTU diplomas are recognized abroad). Many of them now occupy leading positions at large enterprises all around the world.

Siemens Ukraine