As regulatory pressure mounts, it is imperative that banks have a clear plan to address climate risks, and to finance a green agenda. Global banks must reflect climate considerations within their overall risk framework and capital allocation processes. It is an era when banks around the globe must search for new and future-proof talent, data and technology and create a comprehensive climate-risk governance framework.

Banks’ mortgage portfolios will perform better if homebuyers select sensible, cost-effective homes with the long-term financial outlook of the property considered at the time of taking the mortgage and purchasing the home.

If you want to keep your home healthy, comfortable and affordable for well living you should consider the Green Home Green Mortgage programme, developing by SMARTER Finance for Families. A Green Mortgage is a unique home mortgage product offered by participating banks that reward the purchase of a certified Green Home with a discounted interest rate due to the reduce mortgage risk default and higher home values associated with Green Homes versus standard homes. The Green Mortgage is delivered through a consortium between a participating bank, a real estate investor/developer agreeing to meet the program’s criteria and a home buyer seeking the benefits of the program.

SMARTER is developing the Green Home Green Mortgage programme in different countries to stimulate demand of low carbon, energy efficient green homes to slow down and reduce the volume of CO2 emissions in the building industry. If banks collaborate with the programme in providing reduced mortgages they will become part of the solution for protecting our planet and improving the quality of life and wellbeing of people. If you are a homebuyer or householder – find a new green home with green certification, ask your bank for a green mortgage. This guarantees your home will be durable, have less maintenance, be energy efficient, be bright and airy with no draughts.

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