Today, July 30, the first event within the EUEA-PFAN network partnership took place – the webinar “PFAN – promotion of investments in RES and “clean” projects”.


The following was discussed at the webinar:

  • The main goals of PFAN are to close the gap between entrepreneurs and investors. PFAN helps to bridge the gap by helping entrepreneurs build their businesses and present them in a language that is understandable and interested to investors, in turn helping investors to find and recognize the potential of these businesses.
  • Examples of relevant projects for application. Proposals must demonstrate that the project is commercially and technically viable and does not require any or minimal grant funding.
  • How to correctly and successfully submit an application, the registration process, basic documents (project proposal, financial model, resume) and features of filling in the personal account.
  • About the evaluation process and the criteria to be considered when applying. Applications are evaluated and reviewed once a quarter, so the evaluation of your proposal can take up to three months. There are three options for the final decision by experts: accepted; return (some documents need to be finalized); not accepted (the project does not meet the criteria). They also discussed the structure of the project evaluation, which consists of 9 items:
  • Investment opportunities and project structure,
  • Market analysis,
  • Management organization and team;
  • Technology and implementation plan;
  • Finance and investment structure;
  • Identification and mitigation of risks;
  • Environmental and social benefits;
  • Presentation of proposals;
  • Project maturity.


  1. What is your attitude to Energy Cooperatives? Do you finance them?
    • If it is a specific project, then the form of association does not matter to us, we are more interested in the content.
  1. What is a typical investor profile? Or maybe you have several typical groups of investors?
    • When we work with a project, we are already setting it up for certain target investors. A common model in Ukraine is that when there is a lack of equity for a project. When we are looking for an investor to enter the capital of 30% and credit funds. Investor profiles can be different and they can be industry-specific.
  1. If the project is not production-related and does not require capital expenditures, but is aimed at providing service, what is its success?
    • We have few such projects, but one was from the Philippines a long time ago, it even received an award for focusing on energy efficiency. There were no projects for service in Ukraine, here you can contact us individually and together check whether you need to submit and develop this type of project.
  1. The question of security, every project has a trade secret or an idea, how confident can you be that no one will take that idea?
    • We have a disclaimer, when you register you agree to the terms and rights. Also, our consultants sign the charter that supports this section before becoming consultants.
  1. In the end, the applicant receives a package of documents that he can submit independently and through the PFAN, right?
    • Yes, this is the value of our work. A quality financial model, a quality business plan – a quality project that you can submit yourself or through PFAN.

Webinar presentations:

PFAN EECA Presentation EUEA 30.07.2021

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