Over the last 70 years, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has doubled. This year, the average annual concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the first time in human history has reached a maximum level. 67% of greenhouse gas emissions occur in the process of generating electricity from fossil fuels. The solution to this situation is the development of “green” energy, which does not create harmful emissions. In addition, in recent years, “green” energy has become more cost-effective than coal generation due to cheaper equipment and technological development.

European countries are the most consistent in their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Most countries intend to abandon fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy sources in the next ten years. According to a study detailing the EU’s 100% renewable energy system, solar and wind energy will generate more than 90% of the electricity needed across Europe by 2050.

What are Ukraine’s prospects and place in the European strategy of transition to renewable energy sources, difficulties and tasks facing our country, positive experience of European countries, opinions of energy experts, in particular in renewable energy sources, dispelling the myth that “green” energy is expensive and confirming the importance of the development of renewable energy sources in Ukraine, read all this and more at the following link: https://cutt.ly/tawGJrr