📍Today, July 18, EUEA, together with industry associations UWEA, UARE, and SEAU, appealed to SE “Guaranteed Buyer” regarding a new support model for RES electricity producers.

➖This week, in the media information about the development of a new support model for RES electricity producers by SE “Guaranteed Buyer”, was spread, the situation was also commented on the enterprise website (https://www.gpee.com.ua/news_item/1033). It is clear from the enterprise’s comments that the working version of the presentation materials, which are prepared and are their internal document, became publicly available through the mass media in an unknown way.

Given the absence of any additional clarifying and/or substantiating materials developed by SE “Guaranteed Buyer”, we had the opportunity to consider only the presentation materials that were published by the mass media.

🔖Therefore, based on the results of a quick review of the presentation, we have the following preliminary comments outlined below in the letter.

Letter: 4 Association Letter GB Slides 2022 07 18 Eng

➖With deep concern, we state that the SE “Guaranteed Buyer” doesn’t consider it appropriate to involve either renewable energy producers, representatives of specialized associations in renewable energy, or private investors and financial institutions that have provided financing for RES projects in Ukraine, in the discussion of possible options and the development of documents concerning the support system for the renewable energy sector and its potential changes.

📍We hope that SE “Guaranteed Buyer” will not propose to the state authorities of Ukraine any schemes or mechanisms that provide for changes to the support system for the renewable energy sector, which will have retrospective character, violate the rights of investors and guarantees provided by the state.