«A “green” building, as a criterion for providing assistance or a mortgage, is a very good idea. However, in Ukraine there are only requirements and criteria for energy efficiency, but what exactly is a “green” building – the legislation has not yet defined», – mention Valentyna Huch-Denysenko, Energy Efficiency Expert of the Reform Support Office at the Ministry of Community and Territory Development of Ukraine.

 We share with you the main theses of Ms. Valentina’s speech during the EUEA webinar “Smarter Finances: How Green Buildings Can Help Overcome Energy Poverty in Ukraine”:

📍Minimum requirements for energy efficiency of buildings: in Ukraine in 2006 there was a criterion for the requirement for heat consumption (State building standards B.2.6-31), which determined how much energy a building should consume for heating; from 2013 to 2016, the requirements for enclosing structures and energy consumption of the building were strengthened, but these requirements measured only the characteristics of enclosing structures of buildings but did not take into account what should be the source of generation and its efficiency. In 2021, the order of the Ministry of Community and Territory Development of Ukraine on the energy requirements of the building was already approved. These requirements already take into account the efficiency of the boiler, but still do not take into account the source of generation. This means that if the house is de facto heated by biofuels, for example, it will not become “green” or more energy-efficient de jure.

➡️ First of all, in Ukraine there should be a definition of what is a building with “minimum energy consumption” (NZEB – nearly zero-energy building). In the future, this act must be approved, stipulating that a building claiming to be NZEB must consume 50% of the energy for heating produced from RES.

➡️ Most likely, the buildings that will be given the NZEB criteria will be one- or two-storey, as it will be very difficult to ensure the consumption of 50% of RES for high-rise buildings.

📍 Regarding the Draft law №4507, it has not been adopted yet. However, there are no articles in this Draft law on improving the energy efficiency of residential buildings. In general, this Draft law is aimed at developing energy efficiency in industry, municipalities and more.

Webinar video: