newsEnergy Strategy of Ukraine till 2030 was published at the website of Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine (text is available in Ukrainian).

Ukraine will invest in the construction of shunting power hydro power plants (HPP, HAPP) and electric grids. Thus, at a different time within hydropower sector it is planned to put into operation Dniester and Tashlyvsk HAPP, Kanivsk HAPP, expand Kakhovka and Tereble- Ritsku HPP. With regard to the main network, by 2030 must be formed two transit lines of 750 kW in total: South (KNPP – ZNPP) and northern (RNPP – AC Donbass). Construction cost are planned to be split between government and private partners.

The share of renewables in the overall balance of installed capacity is to be increased to the level of 12.6 % (extendable) meeting the obligations of Ukraine to the Energy Community and being in line with developed SAEE National Action Plan for Renewable Energy by 2020.

According to the Strategy, the planned (possible) amount of installed power capacity of different RES power plants in 2030 should be as follows:
• Wind energy: 3-4 Gigawatt;
• Solar energy: 4 Gigawatt;
• Small hydro: 1-1,5 Gigawatt of electricity and 10-15 Gigawatt of heat.