newsThe Friday of June 14th was quite rich with the promises and sound statements during various Wind Energy Events.

Ukraine ranks second (after Romania) in the world in wind power industry growth. This was announced during the press conference last Friday by Chairman of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA) Andrew Konechenkov (full article available HERE in Ukrainian).

Nevertheless, Ukrainian wind does not operate the full capacity. At present the problem of small wind energy is the inability to sell the electricity produced by the “green” tariff. This was said during the same press conference on Friday by a member of the UWEA Nikolay Savchuk (full article available HERE in Ukrainian).   As he said, the current Law “On Electric Power Industry” encourages selling electricity generated in households using solar panels at the same time such possibility is not provided for small wind energy facilities.

Meanwhile the world wind news of the day report that the world will have enough wind turbines to generate more than 300 GW of power – the equivalent of 114 nuclear power plants – by the end of the year, industry figures show. However, Europe, which has led the world on wind, still represents around a third of all capacity, with more than 100 GW, but its growth has been stalled by uncertainty as financial crisis has meant abrupt changes to subsidy regimes (full article available HERE in English).