newsNew committee will focus on fostering frameworks for wind power in the CIS countries.

The establishment of the CIS Wind Committee within the framework of WWEA will help to provide information and consultation assistance to the developing wind markets in the CIS countries through the leading wind experts from within and outside the region.

In particular, the CIS Committee will conduct with the following activities:

 · Support the wind development in the CIS countries and foster legal frameworks and policies for wind power

· Enhance the exchange of information amongst the CIS wind community

 · Continue cooperation with the annual conference CISWIND

 · Participation in further international events

 · Gather expertise of the strategic wind projects being under discussion in the CIS countries.

At time being organisations representing eight countries of the former USSR have already agreed to participate in the CIS wind committee activities, namely: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

Andrei Konechenkov, Chairman of Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, member of the Board of WWEA, and founding chair of the WWEA CIS Wind Committee: “ Energy policies of the former Soviet Union countries for many years have been fossil fuel-oriented. Modern wind technologies have proved viability and advantages of such local renewable resource of energy as wind. Wind technologies create new jobs and set up new manufactures, contribute to the national economy and improve living standards of people”.   

Stefan Gsänger, WWEA Secretary General commented that the CIS countries represent a region with vast wind energy potential, practically so far untapped. Also he emphasized on the expectations from the CIS Committee during the WWEA meeting on 19 September 2013 in Bonn.