We would like to share with you interesting information about the President’s new program for thermal modernization of buildings in Ukraine. Yesterday, the ministerial adviser presented this program to the deputie.

The Brief information for you about this program:

  1. The goal of the program is to retrofit 5,000 multifamily buildings in 2022;
  2. The program administrator will be UKRFINZHYTLO (UFZhK);
  3. UFZhK will provide long-term loans to local governments (LCOs) to 20 years at 3-5% interest rate;
  4. LCOs must provide lists of buildings that will be upgraded to UFZhK. UFZHK approves the final list of buildings. Criteria for the selection of these buildings will be established.
  5. LCOs will purchase services for the development of design documentation, construction work for thermal modernization of buildings, materials and more.
  6. Ensuring the thermal modernization of the building is considered to be carried out through management companies.
  7. For 20 years, the residents of the house will pay local government services for overhaul (thermal modernization);
  8. LCOs can provide grants to residents of the house for thermal modernization up to 30%.
  9. In 2022 it is planned to allocate UAH 100 billion to UFZhK. The source of funds may be: The state budget (recapitalization of UFZhK through the issuance of State Bonds (OVDP); International grants, issue of green bonds.

More information in the video presentation of the program: https://www.facebook.com/EUEA.UA/videos/473635287820331/