11th European-Ukrainian Energy Day

Recovery after crisis: Is there still a Green Deal for Ukraine?

Energy Day 2020 in numbers

+ 6500 online participants
+12 countries
 32 most prominent speakers and moderators
4 sessions and
8 hours discussions

Annually European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) organizes European-Ukrainian Energy Day – one of the most prominent conferences in the industry of renewable energy and energy efficiency of Ukraine and in 2020 this will be 11th European-Ukrainian Energy Day in a row.

🌿2020 is the year full of challenges for the investment climate, for the “green” energy future of Ukraine and for the population all over the world. In addition, EUEA is the one who is aware about it not from the news, being in the epicenter of a row of sectoral tremendous retroactive changes of the feed-in-tariff for the renewable energy.


This year we cover 4 thematic sessions:

🔹Thematic session #1 “Ukrainian Energy Policy in the Frame of EU “Green” Deal” about what the nearest targets and strategic plans are including the implementation of the Association Agreement with EU, Energy Community Treaty and other commitments of Ukraine according to the international agreements and national strategic plans; about recovery after the energy crisis and lessons learned.

Summary of the session #1:      Watch thematic session #1: 

🔹Thematic session #2 “Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization Perspectives for Ukraine “ covering energy efficiency in industry, in residential sector, in municipalities, sustainable buildings certification and financial instruments, problems and possible solutions for the decarbonization and reaching strategic targets for Ukraine, relevant energy efficiency policy development, raising awareness and capacity building of the end consumers in Ukraine, including population and commercial enterprises, and actual implementation and attracting funding to this sector. But not only this, energy efficiency is the direct instrument for the demand response mechanism development in Ukraine, which will lead to the flexibility and sustainability of the energy system of Ukraine.

Summary of the session #2:      Watch thematic session #2:

🔹Thematic session #3 “Renewable Energy: Memorandum implementation and Investment Climate” about mediation and lessons learned, Memorandum implementation: investors reduced the FIT and now turn of the Government of Ukraine to stabilize the sector, next steps for the renewable energy investment opportunities (balancing, forecasting), constitutional process against renewable energy and forecasting of the recovery after the crises.

Summary of the session #3:       Watch thematic session #3:

🔹Thematic session #4 “Green” Deal Funding Opportunities for Ukraine” about major drivers, market status overview & “Green” Deal in progress, about the key challenges and opportunities in the region of Ukraine are and where the gaps and improvement areas are. The view of the international financial institutions which provided already significant financing for the Ukrainian projects and what are their further plans in the light of the last changes.

Summary of the session #4:      Watch thematic session #4:

Video from Energy Day 2019

Speakers 2020

Janez Kopac

Director of energy community seCretariat

Mats Lundin


Olha Buslavets

acting minister of energy of ukraine

Ihor Korhovyi

deputy minister of community and territorial development of ukraine for european integration

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