In his speech on April 16, Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke about plans to reconstruct buildings, industrial enterprises, and all urban infrastructure that have suffered as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. Key points of the speech about energy efficiency and the building sector:

  • The reconstruction project of Ukraine aims not only to rebuild the houses and restore the lost but also to solve many old problems: to make quality urban planning where it did not exist; to take into account real traffic flows; to guarantee energy efficiency, environmental friendliness of materials, inclusiveness;
  • The government’s program of thermal modernization of buildings, which was being prepared before the war, will be combined with the reconstruction project of Ukraine.
  • The reconstruction project of Ukraine will be implemented in several stages: 1) providing housing for migrants 2) rebuilding housing and all urban infrastructure affected by Russian aggression 3) providing housing for all who defended and are defending Ukraine;
  • Leading architects and the full state potential are involved and will be involved in the implementation of this project. The companies of the partner countries will also be involved in the reconstruction of the country.

EUEA is convinced that the reconstruction of buildings in compliance with the highest energy efficiency classes and environmental requirements will achieve success in the energy independence of the state.

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