Today, the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency has held a webinar together with the California project Ways2H, which was attended by EUEA members.  The aim of the webinar was to raise the professional awareness of EUEA members in the field of green hydrogen, as well as to share world experience in implementing such projects in Ukraine.

Ways2H is a joint venture between U.S. – based Clean Energy Enterprises and Japan Blue Energy Corporation.

CEO Jean Louis Kindler demonstrated a project on recycling waste into renewable hydrogen for fuel and electricity.  Such wastes include solid household wastes, medical wastes, various types of plastics, sewage sludge and others.

The Ways2H process generates hydrogen from any organic raw material with net-zero carbon emissions.

Together with Ways2H, we discussed the most interesting issues, namely: what is the possible price of the final product (hydrogen) per kilogram, as well as peculiarities, benefits and opportunities for the implementation of similar projects in Ukraine.

Get acquainted with the presentation of Ways2H:  EUEA Webinar Waste to Hydrogen Case study