Right hours after the controversial Russian-Ukrainian gas deal and the scandalous box fight in Ukrainian parliament the conference in a peaceful manner came to the following conclusions:

1. Even not being very “attractive” (compared with renewable energies) the biggest potential for Ukraine lies in energy efficiency. If it comes to priorities, it is reasonable to reduce energy consumption with a comparatively small amount of money than to enlarge energy generation with renewable resources. Nevertheless, renewable energies should be kept in mind parallel.
2. There is no significant need for new nuclear power milers, especially if point 1 is taken into account.
3. Ukraine has a huge potential for energy from biomass, although biofuels from rapeseed is an antiquated method.

Wolfram Rehbock stressed in his speech that there still aren’t enough intelligent solutions to bridge the financial gap in order to bring Ukrainian demand and technical solutions together. Moreover, Ukraine should stop to mix energy policy with social policy. Subsidized low energy prices will cause higher costs for Ukrainian economy than a goal-directed social policy for those who really need help.

The Dialogue will be continued in autumn 2010 in Kyiv.