Plane-1068x670EE and RES in Aviation Infrastructure, Cooperation of EUEA and SAAU

December 19, 2018 Director of European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) – Oleksandra Gumeniuk met with the Head of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (SAAU) – Oleksandr Bilchuk. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and plan joint cooperation towards the sustainable development of Ukraine’s aviation infrastructure and the prospects for increasing the efficiency of consumption of energy and other resources in the industry. Oleksandr Bilchuk shared that the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine is very interested in the sustainable development of aviation, in particular, regarding the formation of aviation infrastructure with rational and efficient energy consumption of infrastructure objects. Including increasing awareness of managers and workers in the specified area.

The participants of the meeting discussed the possibility of organizing a joint round-table in the beginning of the year with the heads of the aviation sector on sustainable development and reducing the environmental impact of the aviation industry. The result of this roundtable should be the development of roadmap of future measures to increase the energy independence of infrastructure and reduce their current energy costs. It was also discussed that for the effective cooperation and enhancement of the performance in the new year between the State Aviation Administration and the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency it will be necessary to involve a wide range of partner organizations, including carriers and companies providing ground handling services.

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In November 2018 the European Commission adopted the maps of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T core network) in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, the Republic of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Close cooperation on transport infrastructure networks will foster connectivity between the European Union and our Eastern neighbours. It will make border crossings more efficient and improve road safety. Efficient transport networks create growth and jobs and enable to bring people closer together, and allow for goods to move.  TEN-T map covered such Ukrainian airports as Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv and Kharkiv.

Nowadays we can observe considerable growth of transport connectivity comparing to last year, of the region, especially in aviation, for example in Ukraine: Kyiv (Zhuliany) (64.2%), Lviv (46.3%), Kharkiv (34.7%), Zaporizhia (26.5% ), Odessa (18.8%), 98% of the total passenger traffic and postal traffic flows are concentrated in 7 major airports, namely Boryspil, Kiev (Zhulyany), Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya. The Ukrainian passenger airline market for the second consecutive year demonstrated high growth rates. At the same time, in the previous 2016 there was a recovery of the market after the recession, which took place in 2014-2015. If by the results of 2016 the volume of passenger transportation of domestic airlines exceeded the indicator of “pre-crisis” 2013 by 2.1%, then by 2017 – by 30.1%. In 2017 Ukrainian airlines made 5837.5 thousand passengers on international regular flights, 4975.8 thousand passengers – foreigners (an increase of 18.1% and 29.3% respectively).

According to the requirements of European Union in the frame of Association Agreement, Eastern Partnership countries adopted relevant strategic documents, as in May 2018 there was adopted by Ukrainian Government National Transport Strategy of Ukraine by 2030, where decarbonization and decrease of negative impact of transport infrastructure to the environment was among 5 top priorities for Ukraine by 2030. Taking into account the National Energy Strategy of Ukraine by 2035 and Action Plan of Energy Strategy implementation by 2020, Energy Efficiency Action Plan by 2020 with the aim to reduce energy consumption by municipal infrastructure, including transport infrastructure is highly demanded.


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Also in September Oleksandra Gumeniuk was invited to speak at the Transport Panel of the Eastern Partnership in Brussels, where she repeatedly emphasized on the need to implement energy efficiency measures and the introduction of renewable energy sources for transport infrastructure. Read more …