In her opening address, Elena Rybak noted that potential of Ukraine in EE and RE is obvious both within the country and outside borders, but in order for this potential to be eventually realized both the government and key stakeholders need to work closely together in order to secure stable investment and political climate, functioning and transparent legal framework, as well as sustainable market mechanisms for all market players. “Only then we will be able to become truly energy independent country, sustainable and environmentally friendly economy.”


In the exhibition «GREENEXPO | Alternative Energy 2011» 59 participating companies from Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Israel, China, Germany, Russia and France demonstrated the latest technology and equipment in the field of solar, wind, hydro, bio-, geothermal energy and waste management, sewage treatment, water treatment under EKOTEX exposition. Among the participants – ARCON Overseas, CINK hydro-energy, EnviTec Biogas AG, Geodiagnostic, GEO-NET Umweltconsulting GmbH, LACA Wind Energy eV, MT-Energie, NEFCO, Polytechnik, PRENECON SA, Resource Recycling Industries GmbH, SunElectra, Vestas Wind Systems, the Trade department of Austrian Embassy, Production and Ecology joint venture UKRVTORMA, FUHRLAENDER WINDTECHNOLOGY, “Unisolar” and others.

The exhibition was accompanied by a rich program of practical industry conferences involving representatives of major leading companies such as Alstom, GAMESA, GE Energy, IFC, NORVENTO, NUSEP, VESTAS, PRENECON SA, NEFCO, “TUV ZYUD Ukraine”, “Hammel-Ukraine”. On the first day of the exhibition, October 26, a conference on “Green Technology: Practice, investment, innovation” was held. Pressing issues of investment and financing energy efficiency projects, bioenergy development in Ukraine and the European Union, heat and electricity from solid biomass, energy efficiency generating enterprises, practical experience in waste management and green solid waste, sewage problems and soil contamination, the innovative technology of water purification – were in the focus of the conference participants.

On October 28 Ukrainian Wind Energy Association for the second time held a conference on “Factors that contribute to successful implementation of wind power project”. The event gathered over 100 leading European wind power sector experts from nine countries, in particular Ukraine, Belgium, Britain, Greece, Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia and Turkey. Among the issues discussed were problems of wind power sector of Ukraine, conformity of wind power projects with international standards, assessment of environmental impact, problems of construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms, advanced manufacturing of wind turbines, financing, small power and autonomous grid. Gold sponsor of the conference was the company VESTAS.

On October 28 followers of the “green” movement gathered in Ukraine’s first barcamp of “green” ideas, projects, technologies and actions GreenCamp Ukraine.