Elena Rybak, EUEA Director participated in the Energy Charter working group meeting on Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Aspect (PEEREA) held in Brussels, on November 4, 2010.

PEEREA is an international multilateral agreement within the Energy Charter Process, signed by 51 countries. By ratifying PEEREA, countries commit to formulate and implement policies to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of the energy cycle. By way of contrast to other activities in the Charter process, the emphasis in the work on energy efficiency is not on legal obligations but rather on practical implementation of a political commitment to improve energy efficiency. This is promoted through policy discussions based on analysis and exchange of experience between the member countries through regular and in-depth energy efficiency policy peer reviews, analytical work prepared and presented by consultants and their experts (like yourselves), independent practitioners and other international organizations.

Elena Rybak in her presentation focused on international donor involvement in energy efficiency in the Ukraine and updated on factors of the institutional framework that influence the success of international cooperation locally.