19 May 2015 EUEA visited presentation of UNIDO – GEF Project UKR IEE “Introduction of Energy Management System Standard in Ukrainian Industry”.

Leonid Vitkin, Director of Technical Regulation Department at Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine started his report from encouraging: “1500 EU standards are to be implemented in Ukraine till the end of 2015. Also, all outdated USSR standards will be eliminated.” drawing public attention to the fact of standard series ISO 50000 implementation in Ukraine.

The URK IEE Project aims to assist government of Ukraine to achieve a sustainable transformation of industrial energy usage practices within the country. For this project promotes Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) concepts of Energy Management System (EnMS) and Energy Systems Optimization (ESO), along with the promotion of deployment of the ISO 50000 Energy Management Standard Series.

Practice demonstrates that companies, new to the management concepts, implementing average energy efficiency measures gain through the adoption of EnMS in the first several years in the range between 10 and 20% at minimal investment costs. Meanwhile, the entire energy system optimization can save up to 20-30% of energy consumption.

Project Information

Donor: Global Environmental Facility (GEF); $ 5.5 m

Implementing Agency: UNIDO

Beneficiaries: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (Technical Regulation Department), State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine

Duration: 5 years

Benefits of participation

  • Technical assistance for enterprises to establish their own EnMS and to undertake ESO projects to improve to improve their energy performance;
  • Technical assistance for certification under series ISO 50000;
  • Access to funding for enterprises to undertake the implementation of IEE and ESO projects;
  • Network with the key national and international energy experts, consultants, governmental and non-governmental.


Financial Mechanisms for IEE promotion” by Sergiy Porovskyi, Tech and Financial Expert (in Ukrainian)

Contact details

National Project Coordinator – Oleksiy Pashchenko


Tel.: +38 044 4068457

Fax.: +38 044 4549309

115, Borschagivska Str., 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine