EUEA Director, Elena Rybak participated in Second DELTA Green Building Forum held in Kyiv on May 13. DELTA Forum covered the problem of Western and Ukrainian practice of Green Building projects implementation. Among presenting companies of Forum there were MEP Engineering Ukraine, REWE International (Billa), Trio Development GmbH, Rodl & Partner, PhytoFuels. Ms. Rybak in her presentation shared EUEA vision about the main steps needed to be taken for energy efficiency in buildings in Ukraine, while also explaining the strategy of EUEA to promote the actions within this direction and reach the Ukrainian authorities with the message while securing the support of relevant EU institutions and experts. Participants further engaged in the discussion about the need of raising tariffs for energy for the population. Given the EU experience while the tariffs grow, the consumption decreases and the bills for consumers go down as well. Unless people are motivated to save it will be very difficult to reach the energy saving targets.