During the panel, Mr. Mykyta Konstantinov, Deputy Munister of Fuel & Energy informed the participants about the latest state of affairs within renewable energy sector in Ukraine, providing the latest achievement on project and reform implementation. Mrs. Elena Voloshyna, the Country Manager for International Finance Corporation (The World Bank Group), in her presentation focused on IFC experience on financing renewable energy projects and further discussed the project criteria for IFC financing. Vadym Tocheny, State Agency of Ukraine for National Projects, as the Director for New Energy projects within the Agency informed the participants about the government action plan of boosting the alternative energy, as well as explaining the role of National Projects to successfully push through the needed reforms. The legal aspects of the sector have been extensively covered by Borys Danevych, “Paritet” Law Firm. Finally, Elena Rybak focused on the key economic indexes for the projects within various sectors and scales, as well as mentioned the key issues which have to be addressed by Ukrainian government to support the sector development. Among others where the importance of maintaining the balance between the renewable energy sector development and the governmental policies on energy saving, which remains the key issue for the energy security of the country. To download Elena’s presentation click.