EUEA Board members: Mats Lundin, Chairman of the EUEA Council, Director of Celynx AG, Alper Tuncher, Managing Partner of EMSOLT Investments, Max Lebedev, Co-Chairman of the EUEA Solar Energy Working Group, GOLAW Partner, participated in the Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum in London on June 24, 2019.

Ukraine’s renewables sector is attracting unprecedented levels of investment in large-scale projects with major domestic business groups being joined by international strategic investors from Norway, Canada, the UK and Spain, amongst others.

With a planned switch in the Summer from the green tariff to an auction-based quota system, there is a sense that the timing for investment in the sector is right, as Ukraine looks to raise the share of renewables in its energy mix to the ambitious levels outlined in its National Energy Strategy.

The Ukrainian Renewables Forum in London has been convened to bring together current renewables project developers in Ukraine, both local and international, with leading renewables financiers, advisors and project sponsors from the UK, Europe and North America.

About the Organiser: Strategy Council is a UK-based organisation, which cultivates and develops knowledge and networking across business communities, primarily in the emerging European economies. We create annual, industry-leading conferences, which form an impartial platform, enabling communities to develop and grow. Our 20 years of in-depth market knowledge and vast network enables us to connect these communities, whilst providing invaluable access to real-time, unique and business-critical information.

Main topics:

  • Ukrainian renewables in a global and European context and investor appetite for Ukrainian renewables projects
  • An overview of the significant growth of renewables capacity. What are the most reliable forecasts for future growth?
  • How the crossover from the green tariff to auctions will work and how they will establish clear and transparent market rules.
  • Practicalities and procedures for the purchase of quotas via auction
  • The appetite of major financial institutions for Ukrainian renewable projects. How do lenders view the bankability and risks?
  • Accessing international credit and debt markets to finance investment in Renewable Energy Sources
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