DSC 0133Oleksandra Gumeniuk, Director of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, presented on September 18 a Civil Society Forum on the Eastern Partnership in Brussels on issue of transport, in which she presented the main civil society appeals to representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Eastern Partnership (Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan) and representatives of the European Commission.

The full document can be downloaded with the link.

One of the most important issues that have been presented is the problem of decarbonization of transport infrastructure.

The EaP region has a well-developed infrastructure only for petroleum and diesel – the biggest sources of air pollution. A truly environmentally friendly transport infrastructure must include infrastructure for biofuel, e-chargers, liquid natural gas and other types of stations for eco-vehicles. While investments –is the key, a clear policy on transparent, environmentally friendly vehicle infrastructure –is a necessary pre-condition. In order to achieve Decarbonisation of transport and infrastructure, we recommend to:

1. Create a transparent infrastructure for electric vehicles development; Support the creation of a transparent and simplified regulation mechanism for the development of e-vehicles charging infrastructure in the EaP countries. The charging of e-vehicles is currently not regulated as a service in its own right, therefore a new regulation needs to be introduced

2. Regulate the import of vehicles with negative environmental impact – particularly vehicles older than 10 years;
3. Incentivize the purchasing of new, ecological cars – including through tax incentives;
4. Develop a programme for recycling and scrapping old cars in the EaP countries.