Key questions of the meeting: Which will be the development strategy for domestic fuel-energy complex after events in Japan? What can bring international cooperation? What are the chances for foreign investors to influence the situation?

As Elena Rybak said, in a long-term perspective it is necessary to choose not cheap but correct, ecofriendly and stable development variants for Ukraine in the energy-savings and energyeffective matters. For example, in renewable energy due to the lack of frames conditions there is a gap between potential and actual indexes. According to her data, biomass potential is only 15% from all the energy balance of Ukraine, biodiesel is 1 million t/year (100 thousand are actually produced), bioethanol is 2 million t/year, biogas is 120 million t/year (only 7 projects are in realization stage now). Only one sun power- station with the capcity 7,8 mWtt is functioninig in the country. And from 17 wind development companies only 3 of them are ready to begin construction.

Besides, now the most profitable direction for the business is energyefficiency. Saving potential in heating energy is about 50%, in electricenergy —40%. Consequently, it is reasonable to invest not in the energy productions increase but in its consumption decrease. “What is cheaper — to spend dozens of milliards on building of nuclear power plant or work in the direction of energyefficiency? “, — E. Rybak asks rhetorically.

EUEA at the Workshop “Cross-border Bioenergy: Expanding the transport biofuel markets” on May 8 – 13, 2011
Elena Rybak at the round table “Readiness of Ukraine to integrate European Energy Community: implementation of the Directive 2001/80/EC”