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Given the rapid development of Ukraine’s renewable energy market in the past two years and high activity in the solar power market segment, we decided to share with all of you the brief overview of the Solar Energy Market in Ukraine. During the past months we have witnessed number of small and medium size players establishing activities in Ukraine and exploring the project development opportunities. Whereas there are numerous challenges to overcome, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency does see a huge potential in solar PV development in projects between 1-10 MW and will actively contribute to market growth, promote fair rules of the game for all stakeholders, transparency in energy sector and more secure investment climate.
This overview highlights some of the most active players on the market at this stage, and even we have not been able to identify all of you yet, we will be happy to include the information about your plans and projects in our further updates of this market overview. Please, contact us any time!
Special thanks to Rentechno Company for support in the report preparations and we look forward to hearing more news from all you!
We hope you find this information useful!

Download Ukraine’s Solar Energy Market Overview