The Agenda of the meeting included the following issues:
1. establishing “green” tariff for electricity produced out of biogas and municipal solid wastes;

2. “green” tariff application for electricity produced by wind installations/power stations;

3. “green” tariff application to power stations with partial use of traditional and alternative power sources;

4. determination of total volume of raw materials, materials, capital assets, works and services of Ukrainian origin in the value of constructing energy objects;

5. compensation of costs for constructing new networks necessary for connection to the electricity networks;

6. legislative guarantees for “green” tariff application.

Prior to the open discussion with the main stakeholders, EUEA Members also took active part in the working group meetings responsible for the preparation of the draft law.

Representative of EUEA, Wolfram Rehbock, attended the 2nd Renewable Energy Finance and Infrastructure Summit
EUEA Member of the Board Mr. Nikolai Troitsky spoke at the 2nd International Forum on Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient Construction e3forum